We offer virtual private training for individuals as well as virtual functional fitness classes. To get you started at Corey’s Gym, we invite you to schedule a free consultation and assessment.

If you would like to join Corey’s Gym classes there are two options for you:

On-Ramp – This program is designed for healthy individuals who are brand new to functional fitness methodology. It is a three-session program that focuses on gaining knowledge and ability in the fundamental movements. Beginners will go through the comprehensive program and emerge as athletes who are capable of performing scaled WODs with safe movements. All participants new to Corey’s Gym will be required to complete the On-Ramp program before attending regular classes. $120 for the 3 private-session program.
Please email us at coreysgyminfo@gmail.com to schedule your sessions now.

Experienced Athletes – If you have participated in functional fitness classes, you may “test out” of the On-Ramp Program. Please contact us to schedule this free appointment.

Private Training – If the feel of a class is not for you or you would simply prefer one-to-one training sessions, we offer virtual private training with Corey. Sessions are $90/hour and can be scheduled by emailing us at coreysgyminfo@gmail.com.

Boot Camp – This class is for all levels of fitness and requires no On-Ramp to participate. Plyometric, Light Weight, and Bodyweight Workouts that are constantly varied with high intensity!