September 30, 2018 Corey

10-1-2018 WOD

Today marks the One Year Anniversary of the Las Vegas Shooting. As many of you know, Will Barnes and Danielle D’Eccliss were there. They were in the very front, next to the stage. They literally had to run for their lives, drop down and get up running to dodge bullets, then jump over a 10 ft. wall in order to get to safety. Will went back over the wall, not once, but twice, to help two others get over.

While I don’t bring a lot of “personal” to our wods, today we celebrate that Danielle and Will made it home safely. 58 souls did not and 452 were wounded by gunshots.

LVMPD Captain Harry Fagel uses the art of poetry to process the emotions and aftermath of the shooting

AMRAP in 17:
10 Burpees
1 Bar Muscle Up (Sub Ring MU or 4 Pull Ups & 4 Ring Dips)
58 Double Unders
Buy Out: 400m plate carry run 45/25#