December 31, 2013 Corey


Happy New Year!

AMRAP in 20
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats
Then: 800m Run

How to get back on track?

Many of us will start the New Year with all kinds of pressure to do all that we didn’t do in 2013. We are going to come to class five times a week, eat well, get enough sleep, get that muscle up, pr each of our lifts, etc.

If this is you and you have goals, then plan them out. There are two ways to reach your goals and the first step is to assess how you personally operate. Are you all or nothing so that your successes are immediate? Or are small steps more comfortable for you? Either is fine and it doesn’t much matter as long as you are honest with yourself. The second step is to write them down. No matter which category you fall into, putting your goals on paper sets them in your mind. This is especially true if you are a visual person.

I am an all or nothing person. I have a seven-second attention span and want my results now! I have a calendar with my workout time filled in. I start each morning making a list of everything I’m doing that day. If the workout got nudged out of the initial time slot, I put it somewhere else in that day and it is on the list in my notebook. For the athletes at the gym this boils down to picking a different class to attend that day.

Besides being all or nothing, I am a boring eater. I’m okay with that! My meals don’t change much during the week and that adds calm for me. There is satisfaction knowing I don’t have to think about my food during the week.

For those of you with younger children, feeding a family and/or the need to be organized, each week plan a menu for yourself and your family. Shop to meet the needs of the menu and nothing more. After a time, you can rotate the menus of the week and there will be less work. Write in your notebook what you will eat and when. Or, just list it and be sure you eat as planned.

Plan the classes you will attend each day. Don’t let a planned class get moved unless you put it somewhere else. If your goal is five times a week, then be sure you get there. Classes have been added for 2014 and there is always Open Gym.

The workouts are posted the night before so that you can be prepared. If you see something you hate, then it is important you attend and get rid of the animosity! Utilize Open Gym to work on those skills that elude you, an extra strength day or a make up day.

There is no reason not to make 2014 all that you want it to be. We only have so much control in our lives, so let’s take it where we can!

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