July 11, 2012 Corey


Main Site WOD
3 Rds:
30 Wall Balls 20/14#
30 Squat Snatches 75#

What about injuries?

Everyone gets hurt, that is part of an active lifestyle. What you do with that injury and how you choose to heal is something in which you have control.

At the first sign of an injury whether acute (fall, twist, etc.) or over time (repetitive use), it is important to ice the area. Place a thin towel between the ice and your skin and leave it there for 20 minutes. Repeat every 1 ½ hours if possible.

It is extremely important that you wait a full 1½ hours before repeating the ice. When you remove the ice and the skin turns bright red, those are the red blood cells racing to the area to help in the healing process. If you ice again too soon you have not allowed the red blood cells to finish their job and it can damage the skin, and then you have a whole new set of problems.

Don’t wait too long before seeing your doctor. We all like to self-diagnose and assume it’s just a “strain” but sometimes it can be more. The sooner it is diagnosed, the sooner you find the right way to heal.

KEEP COMING TO CLASS! You have developed a pattern to which your body has become accustomed, and so has your mind. A weird kind of depression can set in when those endorphins are not released and you do not have the camaraderie of your friends in class.

We are more than capable and most important, happy, to accommodate your needs so that you can still participate, keep your spirits up and your healing on track!