“Corey Barnes is my personal trainer and has helped me get stronger and stay that way for over 6 years. Corey introduced me to both CrossFit and Olympic lifting. She has a tremendous understanding of how to make a body stronger while preventing injury.

With her eye for detail and her knowledge, Corey can help anyone meet their personal fitness goals. She is a wonderful trainer to work with and has been able to challenge and motivate me into getting stronger and staying in shape!”

~ Jay, Entrepreneur, Fairfax, CA

“Corey is a great CrossFit coach. She breaks down each move into digestible pieces and makes sure you get it right, from hand and foot position to balance to the actual motions. I always leave with at least one tip or correction that helps improve my technique. As a personal trainer, she keeps things interesting and challenging by always adding new elements. She’s also a nice person.”

~ Will N., San Rafael, CA

“I’ve been working out for a few years with Corey. Because of her, I’ve been able to perfect my Olympic form, most notably in Snatches and the Clean and Jerk. She has been my top motivator during CrossFit workouts since I started the program, and I sincerely doubt I’d be able to do everything I can do now without her. Thanks so much, Corey!”

~ Aaron, 23 years old

“As someone with no real athletic background, I was initially a little intimidated on my first day of On-Ramp. However, any concerns were quickly alleviated by Corey who is an incredibly positive and encouraging coach. After my last On-Ramp session, I actually thought perhaps I should just do private classes with Corey as I worried I might not get the same level of personalized attention in a class setting. Wow, was I wrong! Whether a class has 3 people or 12 people, Corey has an uncanny ability to focus on each individual’s form and movement. At Corey’s Gym you will find men and women of all ages –all part of an incredibly supportive community. Over the last four months, I have worked harder than I ever have at any other gym or fitness class, already accomplishing things I never would have imagined I am capable of–all in a safe and careful manner under the watchful eye of Corey Barnes. I am hooked!”

~Terri, San Rafael, CA